iOS and Android Now Available

Jelly Run

Jelly Run is now on iOS and in the Google Play store, putting Jelly Run on 4 platforms in total. To grab it for the platform you are on now, just click here. We have had overwhelming response to Jelly Run across all platforms, and we wanted to thank all the players who picked up the game early while we ironed out some of the big bugs.  Your support and feedback was very welcome, even if the bugs weren’t.

Surface and Windows Phone 8

Jelly Run

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e at Bit Rave have been doing lots of optimisations over the last few weeks while pushing Jelly Run live for Windows 8.  More of those will be coming to 32 and 64 bit Windows 8 systems for smoother play, but we have also been tuning to line up our WindowsRT and Windows Phone 8 deployments. The game finds a good home on Windows Phone 8.  We’ll be doing more testing over the next couple of weeks in preparation for release.  All going to plan WindowsRT will happen at the same time due to the similarity in the performance and graphical capabilities. Some people have asked if we have an iOS and Android version in the works, and the answer is yes, but due to…

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Jelly Run is Live

Jelly Run

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]elly Run is now available for Windows 8 via the Store!  To get it, go to the Jelly Run Windows Store page.  Jelly Run is 30 levels of non-stop frantic fun and punishing platforming.  Travel across Chocolate, Candy, and Ice Cream lands with roads of nougat and pillars of licorice. “As evil as it is cute” — Beta Tester #1 Don’t be fooled by Jelly Run’s exterior, it has a deliciously evil center.  Levels go from pedestrian to challenging, to down right ridiculous. Head over to the Jelly Run forums for more information, regular updates, and what we’ve got planned in the pipeline.

Dodo GoGo featured in Dell Advertisement

Dodo GoGo on Dell

Dodo GoGo has featured in the Dell Inspiron 660/660s advertisement.  As a game for all ages, it’s the perfect game for kids.  At Bit Rave we’re pretty excited to be featured alongside the Dell products. [youtube id=”pAV7Q7bWTVA” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Jelly Run Screenshots


I found a selection of screen shots of Jelly Run that I must have taken the other day without realising. I’ve put them together in a single image to give an idea of the worlds Candy, Chocolate, and Ice Cream, and some of the visuals to look forward to.    

Jelly Run Is Coming

Jelly Run

Jelly Run has been in development for about 9 months on and off.  And right now we’re putting the final touches on and submitting it to the Windows 8 store. Keep your eyes peeled, as we are very excited and happy with the game.  As with most final stages of development we’ve ripped out bits that we’ll end up putting back in soon after launch, but we simply couldn’t hold out any longer. Hopefully, the next update, will be a link to the store download!

Smash Mash Monsters


Smashing and Mashing Incoming Our next game, Smash Mash Monsters is kicking off very soon once Jelly Run goes live. The game is going to be less platformer and more reflex puzzler.  Lots of smashing and mashing of monsters will ensue. Stay tuned as we’ll try and keep a developer blog going as we build the game.

Dodo GoGo hits 300,000


Dodo GoGo hit a milestone of 300,000 downloads today. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank those again who helped us get the game out their in the first place.  Our families and friends, and Michael Kordahi, Chris Bright, and the team at Microsoft who helped us be part of the Windows 8 launch. Most importantly, we would like to thank everyone who’s played the game, spread the word, told their friends.  We don’t hit numbers like that unless people actually play the game.  We set out to make a cute game in HTML that people would pick up, understand, and play.  We never expected to see download numbers of that scale.  So thank you again for your support.

Chocolate Selection


I thought I’d post a screenshot of the level select for the Chocolate Land.  Currently we’re looking at 10 levels per world, 30 levels in total.  We might expand in the future, but in the essence of getting the game out the door, 30 is going to be the magic number.

Dodo GoGo – In App Purchase


Dodo GoGo IAP went live today.  Earn points by playing the game and buy boosts to send you further faster.