Unity Windows 8 Plugins

Bit Rave have extensive experience working with the Windows 8 platform capabilities, and as part of that we decided to build a library for Unity to make Windows 8 integration easier for everyone.

Azure plugins are now separate. Information can be found here:

Find out just how easy it is for each of the Windows 8 capabilities.

  • Live Tiles – of all shapes and sizes
  • Charms – including sharing and settings
  • Settings – both local and roaming settings
  • Snap View – have your app react to orientation and view changes
  • Search – create your own search charm implementation (coming soon)


We’re currently looking for people interested in joining a closed beta.  Send an email to if you want to participate.

The plugins will be put on the Unity Asset store as soon as we can.

Live Tiles

Live Tiles are what makes your Windows experiences come to life.  Bit Rave Live Tiles allows you to update and manage Live Tiles from within Unity.

For more information on Live Tiles check out Guidelines and checklist for tiles and badges on MSDN.

Square and Wide Tile Support

With both square and wide tile, Bit Rave makes it trivial to support both.



Text and Images

With support for text tiles and image tiles, there are lots of options.



And for Unity Pro users, you how about a screenshot on your live tile!


Rotating Tile Updates

You can also manage rotating tile updates with just a few lines of code.




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Snap View

Windows 8 comes with a variety of devices, all with varying different screen layout capabilities.  Bitrave’s Snap View library helps you implement responsive applications for all changes in UI without having to leave Unity.

To learn more about the view states, check out Guidelines for Snapped and Fill Views on MSDN.

View Changes

Register for snap, filled, and full screen views with the following line of code.


Orientation Changes

Register for orientation changes with the following line of code:


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Charms covers both the settings charm, and the share charm for sharing content from within your app.  For integration with the Search charm, it has it’s own component appropriately named Search.

Settings Charm

Setting is how your users find your help, your privacy policies, and find out further information about yoru application.  You can trigger the settings charm manually with a single line of code.


Share Charm

Sharing is one of the key components of Windows 8 applications.  Sharing allows your application to interact with other applications who can consume the content.  You can allows your application to share with your favourite social media client, or maybe share an image with a photo manipulation app.

Bit Rave for Live Apps allows you to share seamlessly.  To register content for sharing, it can be all done in a single line of code!

“Hello World!”);

Or maybe you want to share an image from within game:


And for Unity Pro users, how about sharing a screenshot from a camera!


And you can even trigger the UI manually from within game:


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With your Microsoft ID following you between machines, you can now take advantage of Roaming Settings.  Use roaming settings to synchronise high scores and game files across machines.  Bitrave Settings let you do all this simply and easily without having to leave Unity, and also supports Local Settings for non-roaming preferences and data.

Register for updates to settings data with the following line of code.

Roaming Settings

Roaming settings go with you, and all it takes is just a line of code to set them.

RoamingSettings.SetValue(“high-score”, hiScoreValue);

And just one line of code to retrieve.

var highScore = RoamingSettings.GetValue(“high-score”);

Local Settings

Local settings act just like roaming settings, but stay on a single machine when you don’t want them to roam.  You set and retrieve them in the same way.

LocalSettings.SetValue(“high-score”, hiScoreValue);

And just one line of code to retrieve.

var highScore = LocalSettings.GetValue(“high-score”);

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The framework is currently not available for download.

When they are live, the Unity Store is where we’ll most likely be making them available.

Due to Windows 8 and Unity still being in closed beta, we can’t really talk about it too much.  As soon as we can, we’ll have information here, and as soon as we can get them on the Unity Store, you’ll see them.